E16 Special Interview with American Hero Danny Lane (Part One)


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Episode Notes

The Sound was deafening in its silence. It’s not that he was alone — there were many people within a few feet of him…But, it was the aloneness of his thoughts. Just two days ago, Danny Lane was stateside, and now he was in Vietnam. It was November 20, 1968, and Danny and his fellow Marines sat on the cold, wet tarmac in full combat gear. In a matter of moments, life for Danny would change forever…

“Some Gave It All” is the riveting account of Danny Lane and his squad of young Marines as they battled the Viet Cong and the stinging, delirious cold sweat of fear that hung persistently over the jungle canopy. How much can a person take…before they break? Join Danny in the jungles of Vietnam and the jungles of his own mind as he dealt with the ravages of war…and what he had to do just to survive.

“The amazing thing is that it is a true story. Some Gave It All grabbed me from the first paragraph and wouldn’t let go until the last.” Pat Williams, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President, Author of THE SUCCESS INTERSECTION

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