LTBH #361 with Queen B


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  1. Jamie Lewis - Disco Saved My Life (Original Mix)
  2. Walterino - Too Much Of You (The Dukes Main Mix)
  3. Caj Mal - P.o.P (Place Of Pain) (Original Mix)
  4. Ridney, Angie Brown & Richard Earnshaw - Believe (Mighty Mouse Remix)
  5. DJ Rae & Martin Badder - Change (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix)
  6. Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother For Ya (Ben Liebrand Go To A Disco Mix)
  7. Carl Hanaghan & Ridney - Peace (Original Mix)
  8. Blaze & UDAUFL ft Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Sebastian Creeps & Julian Back Remix)
  9. Glen Horsborough & Alimish - Yours For Life (Original Mix)
  10. Da Lukas - Wicked Cat (Original Mix)
  11. Bexxie feat Ryan Konline - Meant To Be (Extended Mix)
  12. Vanilla Ace, K & K - Gimme Your Soul (Glen Horsborough Remix)
  13. Adeva - In & Out Of My Life (Michael Gray Remix)

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