Rise Up Nutrition with Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes


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Tim talks with Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes, who is a professional sports dietitian for NCAA, professional, and amateur athletes. Lindsey is the owner and founder of Rise Up Nutrition, where she provides coaching to athletes, and she also has her own podcast. Lindsey is the daughter of Kevin Pfau, who was a guest on the podcast a few weeks ago. Tim also provides an update of local running events. Link to Rise Up Nutrition website https://www.riseupnutritionrun.com/ Link to Lindsey’s nutrition guide (contains link to Marathon and Half Marathon Race Day Fueling Guide) https://riseupnutrition.ac-page.com/fuel-your-run-ebook-download Link to Lindsey’s podcast with Brodie Sharpe https://www.riseupnutritionrun.com/episode-42 Link to NY Times Running Newsletter https://www.nytimes.com/newsletters/running Music https://www.purple-planet.com

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