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Will Johnson is the founder of Unite America First. He was a Democrat his entire life until he moved to the state of California where he saw what happens to a state under Democrat leadership. He now works to inform Americans of the evil, lawless and divisive ways of the democrat party. And he strives to unite the country based on our equal desire to protect our families, love our country, respect American values and have a prosperous country for generations to come. Will is one of the Black Influencers brought together by Turning Point USA, he does a nightly broadcast on youtube and Facebook and was a radio host of FirePower News. Making a Difference Will has come to realize that they are several things we need to do to make a difference for the future of America. First, we need to educate the youth on our constitution and responsibilities as citizens of America. And second, we need to bring the fight to our capitols and hold our government officials accountable. We need to make sure that they are representing our interests.

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