#29: Suzi Slater and Lisa B - eXp Australia - Why join eXp realty?


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https://www.eXpAustralian.com.au. eXp Australia

Why should you consider joining exp?


For more information about eXp, please join us every Wednesday for our live chat at 10am for exp explained.


Achieve Maximum Earning Potential

Salespeople, get ready for your mind to be blown. We are going to show you how eXp allows you to have greater control of your finances and your future.

With eXp there are no desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees. You get to keep 70 -100% of your commission. As an agent, you can receive revenue share from the people you sponsor into the company.

Revenue share is paid by eXp Realty company dollars and doesn’t reduce agent commission.

You can work from anywhere at anytime

eXp's virtual office environment and the culture of helping each other, allows agents to collaborate and succeed together.

Equity Opportunities and Financial Growth

eXp agents can build their own businesses while having the opportunity to also have equity in eXp World Holdings, eXp Realty’s holding company, as a shareholder and partner.

Powerful Technology, Tools, and Services

We give you a business in a box with systems, software, training and support. Our team will aim to set everything up for you to get your systems up and running in no time at all.

You will receive over 50 hours of training a week from eXp University in America and loads of other training from Lisa B, Glenn Twiddle and Adrian Bo.

Lisa B is a six time best selling author, Founder of the Real Estate Training Community and the very popular Lets Talk About Real Estate Facebook page. Proud member of eXp Australia.

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