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This week on the ‘Lets Talk Leadership’ podcast we were joined by Henrique Boregio who is the CTO at Primephonic.

Primephonic is a fast-growing music streaming service that has been dubbed by the media as ‘the Spotify of classical music’.

Our hosts, Sandra and Elly started the podcast by asking Henrique about his career background and how he found himself working within the world of Tech. Henrique’s intrigue for Tech started a young age and from there, his interest and passion grew more and more. Originally from Brazil, Henrique went onto study Software Engineering in Argentina, following this he began his working life as a Software Engineer.

Henrique is well travelled and has not been afraid to take risks within his career including landing and accepting roles in locations he wasn’t familiar with.

With Primephonic being a start-up, it was great to hear how Henrique problem solves and the challenges that the company face. Henrique offered some fantastic advice to our listeners on how to overcome challenges, especially for those working or aspiring to work for start-up companies.

It was inspiring to hear about how Primephonic is consistently growing and how Henrique approached setting the culture of his team. Throughout the podcast, Henrique offers valuable lessons that we hope all of our listeners can learn from.

Primephonic is such an interesting platform within the Tech industry and we loved having Henrique on the podcast, what an amazing guest!

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