A Letter to the Woman Learning to Love Her Neighbor AND Herself // Lara Patangan


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When you hear the phrase “acts of mercy” or “works of service,” do you squirm and wonder if I’m going to ask you to add another thing to your already too-long to-do list? Do you worry that since you don’t have the time in this season of life to volunteer somewhere that you’re failing when it comes to living mercy in your daily life and you should just be doing more - maybe this fear that you aren’t doing enough is haunting you like I know it does me.

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with Lara Patangan. When Lara turned forty a few years ago, she decided to spend that year intentionally doing spiritual and corporal works of mercy - and that year has radically changed the way she loves others, the Lord, and herself.

If you worry that you just aren’t doing enough these days, or you struggle to be merciful and gentle to yourself, sister, this letter is for you.

Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • Why Lara decided to dedicate her 40th year of life to living works of mercy
  • How growing in mercy impacts Lara’s relationship with herself, her family and friends, and the Lord
  • What growing in mercy looks like in our communities , and how Lara would suggest learning about mercy in your own communities
  • How focusing on God’s mercy transforms our prayer life as Catholic women
  • Why mercy is the antidote to busyness

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