200. 4 Questions to Bring Back The Spark


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Do you know when things just feel blah to you? When things don’t feel exciting at all. With that, today, I’m going to share with you the questions that you need to ask to get you more in alignment. I have 4 questions for you to ask yourself to figure out where you’re leaking your energy and where you can become more in alignment with who you are and what you want.

  1. Where am I not following those gut feelings and asking for what I truly want?
  2. How am I making it a win for me and fun for me to do?
  3. Where can I ask for something?
  4. What will I commit to right? How to make this feel closer to a hundred percent for me?

“When you start to have energy leaks, it’s because you have things that are no longer aligned and authentic.”

  • How to bring sparks back?
  • 4 Questions to ask
  • What is an energy leak?

Welcome! We are so excited that you are here. This is something that's been on our hearts for a while and we are ecstatic watching it come to fruition.

As you might know, our marriage has a pretty unique story that is the foundation for this couples experience. After walking through infidelity and addiction, I (Joy) found personal development and coaching. I began to grow and change as I worked on myself. I wanted it. I was hungry for it. Something in me knew I wanted more.

But as time went on, I found myself really wanting Peter to come along the journey with me. This desire eventually turned into a gap in our relationship where I could feel us growing apart due to not growing together.

It took hiring a marriage coach, digging deep into our traumas, studying masculine + feminine energy and months of intentional effort to get our marriage where it is today - thriving, happy and actively growing together. We are now partners who spur each other on in our pursuits and also provide amazing healing to each other because we both can hold space for each other and our journeys so much better.

We've learned so much and had a desire to share and help other couples get to a new place in their marriage - that next level.

AND, we've noticed a pattern: couples either aren't growing together OR are growing apart because one of them is but the other is not. Women are showing up to events, masterminds, coaching in high numbers and they all say the same thing "I want my husband to be here. I want to be doing more things like this with my husband."

To be honest, there's not a lot out there for couples in the personal development/coaching space!

So, that's why we created the Elevate Couples Experience - a weekend retreat for couples who want to start investing in growing together as a couple.

This will be a combination of personal work + marriage practices to give you both a jumpstart on your own growth AND your growth together as a couple.

The entire theme will be about taking you from where you are currently and focusing on improving that to bring the joy, the spark, the aliveness in your marriage to new heights together.

We will not be focusing on "what's wrong", instead this is about focusing on where you want to go - what that next level is, what lights you up, what will give you that jump start to create the relationship of your dreams.

We want to Elevate your communication, your intimacy, your attraction, your goals and your overall happiness within your relationship. Think fun activities you get to participate in together and stretch yourselves with (don't worry, no trust falls required =)), sessions with amazing guest experts who specialize in relationship coaching, sex, business and more. We want to learn from couples who are killing it across the board - not just in business but marriage as well.

That being said, here's what you can expect:

The Elevate Couples Experience will be held the weekend of November 12-13 here in Scottsdale, AZ. (location being decided)

There are two options for you to join - a VIP option or a general admission option.

  1. VIP Elevate Couples Experience:

Friday November 12

Morning: Group couples recreational outing

Afternoon: time off for you to connect as a couple

Evening: 5 course meal with us in a private room at one of our favorite restaurants

Saturday November 13:

General Session: 9:30 AM

Lunch (provided): 12:30-1:30

Afternoon Session: 1:30-4:00 PM

Cocktail party: 5:00 PM (private residence)

VIP PRICE: $2,222 per couple OR 3 payments of $900 (bi weekly).



  1. General Admission Elevate Couples Experience:

Saturday November 13:

General Session: 9:30 AM

Lunch (provided): 12:30-1:30

Afternoon Session: 1:30-4:00

Cocktail party: 5 PM (private residence)

General Admission price: $1,111 per couple OR 3 payments of $500 (bi-weekly).

General Admission pay in full HERE

General Admission payments HERE

Couple questions we want to answer for you here ahead of time:

  1. Will this be covid safe? Yes, we will make sure to do our part to keep it safe for everyone involved.
  2. What if I have to back out? Refunds will be available until October 11.
  3. What can I expect? Amazing speakers, activities and tangible takeaways for you to implement right now in your life and marriage. This weekend is going to be fun, abundant and high vibe. Being here will change you just from the energy not to mention you will make friendships with other couples who are wanting to grow with you which is priceless. We want you to walk away from this with new friendships that will help you continue this journey.
  4. Are spots limited? For the VIP option we are limiting it to just 10 couples since we want to keep it more intimate. For general admission there's no limit as of now.
  5. When do I need to get tickets by? This is first come first serve! We can't promise there will be available if you wait - especially for the VIP option.

Email us at Joy@levelupbabe with any questions - we are happy to answer. And if you go ahead and join us, email us back to tell us what you are excited about! We want to hear from you and we can't wait to see you soon!

Get excited - this is going to be epic.

-Peter and Joy

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