How Anthony Pompliano Quickly Built A One Man Media Empire With 90M Monthly Impressions (Plus How He Leverages It For Investing & More)


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Humans aren’t unbiased so building a following by being authentic on the internet can lay the foundations for great businesses today. For this episode, we welcome Anthony Pompliano where he speaks about how he built his following, his approach to work and productivity, and how he is choosing to invest his money. Anthony is Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital, the hedge fund which specializes in blockchain technology and digital assets. He also runs a successful content business that includes his YouTube channel, podcast, newsletter, and of course, his Twitter account. Anthony kicks things off by giving listeners some idea of how he grew his audience so quickly. People want to follow those they agree with more than reading so-called unbiased news and this is something Anthony understands very well. We move onto the subject of his fund next and he shares his approach to managing it. Next up, we talk productivity hearing Anthony drill down on his intuitive approach and how he can work such long hours because he truly loves what he does. He also gets into his approach to learning as well as the idea that networking is the common ground between his different businesses. Toward the end of the show, we talk about gold versus Bitcoin and why Anthony is such a big believer in the second, and he also shares more about how he divides his portfolio between Bitcoin, real estate, early-stage investments, and cash. Wrapping up, we talk favorite books, tools, and more, so for a punchy exchange about the value of authenticity, networking, and working hard at what you love to find success, tune in today.


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  • [01:00] Anthony’s background and how he got to where he is today.
  • [01:38] How Anthony’s content business makes money through ads, emails, and more.
  • [03:40] Anthony’s strategy for growing to 100 000 followers on Twitter in his first year.
  • [06:00] Not sounding smart on Twitter and Anthony’s authentic approach to content creation.
  • [07:50] Follower count for Anthony’s YouTube, podcast, and email list.
  • [08:40] How Anthony drives revenue on his podcast and YouTube through ads.
  • [09:40] Anthony’s take on the one-man media company phenomenon.
  • [12:40] Why Anthony started his rolling fund and what he plans to do with it.
  • [15:02] Anthony’s enjoyment of what he does and how it influences his work capacity.
  • [16:36] The role of AngelList handling everything on Anthony’s fund’s back end.
  • [17:31] Anthony’s approach to learning and how it has shifted to being more serendipitous.
  • [18:48] Twitter favorites of Anthony’s and who is well worth a follow.
  • [20:56] Which percent of the 75 000 free readers of Anthony’s Substack convert to paid.
  • [21:46] Monthly download count for the podcast: 2-2.5 million across audio and video.
  • [23:47] How Anthony structures his time between writing, podcasting, calls, his fund, and emails.
  • [25:20] The plan for the collaboration between Anthony and his wife and brother.
  • [26:53] The move toward people appreciating reading the opinions of those they follow rather than news.
  • [28:10] The interconnection and similarities between the different things Anthony focuses on.
  • [30:35] Anthony’s take on Bitcoin versus gold and which one to invest in.
  • [33:46] Real estate, Bitcoin, early-stage investments, and cash: Anthony’s portfolio.
  • [35:30] Anthony’s thoughts on sports car investing and why he sticks to Bitcoin.
  • [37:11] What might happen in the market according to Anthony.
  • [38:39] The most compelling thing Anthony read recently.
  • [39:28] Three book recommendations about how to get rich from Anthony.
  • [40:25] Why Anthony’s favorite tool is walking and the benefits it provides him!

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