Mario Nawfal Reveals Little Known Growth Hacks That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Business


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Most people create the product they have in mind and then try to build a brand around it, but not Mario Nawfal, the CEO of the Athena Group of Companies. What has led to Mario’s success is his business philosophy of first testing a range of products to see which ones do well, and then to begin building out a brand around a product that is already on the consumer radar and trending. For him, it is all about leveraging the momentum of a popular product or service and getting your timing right. Just take 2020 as an example. Those who have become millionaires by selling PPE and hand sanitizers would have been nowhere the year before. In this episode, Mario talks about his group of e-commerce and agency companies, sharing how the avant-garde growth hack strategies developed by the latter are used to boost the business of the former. And while service-based businesses such as agencies are not easily scalable, Mario shares how they are still getting great value out of these organizations and using them to benefit the group at large. Our guest talks about the lessons he learned from Froothie, one of his early companies, regarding the importance of creating a community, and shares about his collaboration with growth hack specialists Jared Codling and Kyrill Krystallis. Tuning in, listeners will also hear Mario’s views on starting a company from scratch versus acquiring an existing one, and much more!


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  • [00:47] Find out how Mario got started in e-commerce and eventually expanded into B2B.
  • [01:33] When Mario's entrepreneurial journey started and challenging himself in the agency space.
  • [02:12] Hear about the extent to which Mario is personally involved in the companies he owns.
  • [03:00] Mario shares some numbers on the growth of his group of companies.
  • [05:45] The importance of testing and building a brand around a product that is proving to work.
  • [06:43] Overcoming the problem of making money on inexpensive items with a low AOV or LTV.
  • [07:37] Learn about the innovative growth-hacking services offered by his agencies.
  • [08:55] How Mario’s agencies can serve his existing e-commerce businesses and vice versa.
  • [09:40] Advice for building a brand around a product in a highly competitive market.
  • [12:52] The lessons from Froothie about the power of a strong brand and community.
  • [14:28] Mario shares his perspective on what growth hacking is and the best strategies to use.
  • [17:38] The genius way that Jared Codling built his community and extensive database.
  • [19:02] Using Phantombuster as a beginner and where you can find videos for tips and tricks.
  • [20:38] Building new businesses from scratch versus buying existing e-commerce businesses.
  • [21:34] A resource for growth hacking tools and the most important one for your health.
  • [24:14] One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an entrepreneur: neglecting your health.

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