5 Things That Prevent Companies From Scaling with Alex Charfen


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On this episode of the Leverage podcast, Nick sits down with Alex Charfen, a master at helping Entrepreneurs and CEO’s optimize their business practices. Today’s Focus: Learning the 5 most important things that will prevent you from scaling your business. Alex has appeared in almost every major media outlet in print and on TV and is the author of the best-selling book “Entrepreneurial Personality”. Specifically, he helps CEO’s differentiate between and management and leadership.

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • This history of growing a business to $250 million in sales
  • How he overcame extreme burnout at 32
  • How to grow a business with more work-life balance
  • Why CEO’s have trouble being managers
  • What the difference is between “leaders” and “managers”
  • How his company helps CEO’s to lead their company from a leadership position and avoid the management position
  • What “entrepreneur's dilemma” is
  • 5 things that prevent companies from scaling
  • What the biggest bottleneck is for Entrepreneurs
  • How he’s cut down ⅓ of his meetings

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