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Kathy Caprino, an internationally-recognized career coach, TEDx speaker, and Senior Forbes Contributor who's dedicated to the global advancement of professional women. Her other specialty? Knowing how to write viral blog posts (she’s had several that have received over 3 million views). Learn how she went from 18-years in corporate marketing to becoming a therapist, and empowering women and their career aspirations all over the world. She also tells us how she’s using Leverage to build her online course.

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How she switched from 18 years in corporate marketing to a therapist
  • How she got to be a Forbes contributor
  • Her thoughts on alternative therapy
  • Her cautionary tale about Linkedin
  • What “listicles” are and how they make posts go viral
  • How she got to be a Forbes contributor
  • Discrimination against introverts
  • How she uses Leverage
  • How to scale without a team
  • How she organizes her content and ideas

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Learn more about Kathy: https://kathycaprino.com/

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