Leverage Select: Enneagram and Leadership - Grow in Your Business Based on Your Type


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This week we pull a popular episode back from the archives!

Leverage Podcast featuring Susan Drumm, Founder and CEO at Meritage Leadership.

Susan and her team at Meritage Leadership conduct leadership consulting, coaching, facilitation, strategy and assessment for organizations. One of the tools Susan uses in her leadership development and organization assessments is the Enneagram Type Indicator - a descriptive and intensive personality test based on motivation.

There are 9 different Enneagram types, and within each type there are type-subsets for certain strengths. Each type has its own gifts and challenge areas. Throughout your life, you growth within your type and by learning your Enneagram type it can help point you in the direction of growth.

Listen in as Susan goes over Nick’s Enneagram results (Type 8 - The Challenger), interpreting some of his behaviors with the motivations linked with this type, and how you can interpret your own results, those of your team and family to build better relationships and team cooperation.

Learn more about the Enneagram Type Indicator here: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/

Find out more info about Susan Drumm and Meritage Leadership programs:

Website: meritageleadership.com/

Twitter: @drummleadership

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-drumm-bb09732

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