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Since starting his journey with Boardroom Inc. (then known as Boardroom Reports Inc.) in the 1980s, Brian Kurtz came a long way transitioning between physical and digital forms of direct marketing.

Brian Kurtz devoted his career to becoming not only the ultimate student of direct marketing but also to the principles that drive business relationships, many of which he gleaned from his mentor of all mentors, Martin (Marty) Edelston, and nowadays is known as one of the world-famous direct response marketers, selling over 2 billion newsletters and mails.

On this week’s episode, Nick dives into Brian's journey- as a direct marketer,- how the industry has changed over the years and also the importance of digital and physical direct marketing.


  • Find out how Brian got into the industry and how it changed over the years
  • What is a “magalogue” and “bookalogue”
  • Is marketing “cyclical” and what does it mean
  • Who does Brian look up to nowadays
  • Get an insight into Brain’s new book - “Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing”
  • FInd out about the importance of attraction, retention and conversion especially in monthly subscription marketing


Brian’s Website: CLICK HERE

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