Patrick Hinds: The Most Marketable, Profitable Skill You Have is To Be YOU


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For anyone that is working that 9-5 job you hate, you bought into that conditioning that the world say the only way to a reliable income is to play the game. Climb the ladder, kiss the ring and know when you have to bite your tongue instead of speaking up with how you feel.

But it becomes unsustainable.

Especially if you know you have a spark, a creative message, something inside of you that you want to share with the world.

But can you get paid to be your authentic self?

Our guest today would tell you YES. And he's living proof of it.

Patrick Hinds is the founder of the Obsessed Network, a podcast network for the true crime obsessed. He's also the host of the True Crime Obsessed Podcast, comedy podcast that recaps true crime documentaries with humor, sass, heart and just the right amount of snark.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Creating the product that you want to exist in the world.
  • The power of the pivot. How sometimes you need to let go of what's successful and comfortable in order to create something extraordinary.
  • Having certainty in your eventual success without being certain of how to get there.
  • Rejection and how not getting into the musical theatre program in college turned out to be divine redirection that was moving him in the direction of his destiny.
  • How pursuing his passion has led him to a debt-free life and the big decision he made after a few glasses of wine.
  • Doing the thing that is hard and how it eventually makes everything else in your life easy.

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