All You Need To Know About Whole Life Insurance To Build Wealth


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  • Learn how to invest your money in Multiple ways.
  • The main things that customers look out for when they approach Money Insights
  • The importance of Whole Life Insurance and its capabilities.
  • High Income vs. High Net Worth



Christian brings the vision, drive and focus to Money Insights! He started in the financial services industry in 2004 working as an advisor with Beneficial Financial Group. Since that time, he’s held a variety of industry leadership and management positions including sales manager, regional marketing director, and associate partner before starting Money Insights, an alternative wealth planning firm for high income earners, in 2014. Christian’s team specializes in helping clients understand and implement alternative wealth-building strategies. These are powerful strategies designed for the high income and/or high net worth individual and business. He and the Money Insights team work collaboratively to design customized, high impact solutions to help clients go from high income to high net worth!

Rod Zabriske is the managing partner of Money Insights. He heads up all things client facing. This includes education, implementation, and ongoing strategic review efforts. Through Rod’s work with Money Insights, he has the privilege every day of connecting with like-minded clients who are looking for a better way to build and protect wealth. Rod earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing Communications from Brigham Young University. After working for a few years in the corporate world, he completed an MBA at the University of Utah. Since 2009, Rod has worked in financial services, joining forces with Christian in 2010. During that time, Rod has become an expert in the field of advanced planning strategies utilizing life insurance and annuities. He now works on a daily basis with high income earners on both the personal and business sides to accelerate their wealth building, optimize their investing, and discover innovative ways to move from high income to high net worth!



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