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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Advice for nursing students and new grads, including NCLEX prep, applying for new jobs, and finding the right specialty.

Our favorite and least favorite classes & semesters.

Dealing with aggressive patients and a fear of failure.

Building community and support with your unit.

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Show Notes:

You asked, we answered! For our final episode of Season 5, we’re hosting another Q+A with questions sent in by our community of viewers! If you’ve ever wondered how we form connections with our units, find a work life balance, or what the future of the healthcare shortage looks like, we’ll be covering all of that and more. We have tips and advice for nursing students and new grads alike, so no matter where you are in your nursing journey, you’ll be able to learn something new. How do you deal with a fear of failure? What were our favorite and least favorite classes? How do you know when you’ve found the right specialty for you? Join us as we send off Season 5 together!

0:00:40 Welcome to Season 5’s Q+A!

0:03:50 What is the worst physical encounter you’ve had with a patient?

0:07:30 How can you keep yourself safe and secure if you feel threatened?

0:09:00 What are the pros and cons of working from home?

0:12:00 What are the most effective community builders you’ve used with your co-workers?

0:16:20 Why is it important to build community with your peers?

0:17:15 What units did you not enjoy, and which units did you enjoy?

0:21:35 Advice for NCLEX prep.

0:25:55 What advice do you have for new grads scared about failing in their calling?

0:27:55 Why is it better to be flexible instead of pushing yourself?

0:31:15 Do you have any med surg study tips?

0:33:55 How should new grads look for new jobs?

0:36:25 Will there be an end to healthcare shortages soon?

0:40:00 Ranking our nursing school classes from worst to best.

0:43:25 How were our summer classes?

0:46:10 Have you done an episode dealing with death?

0:47:15 Where do you see yourselves and the podcast in five years?

0:50:10 How do you get into ICU as a new grad?

0:52:35 Do you still enjoy nursing after COVID?

0:57:00 How do you know when you’ve found the right specialty for you?

1:01:55 Are you ready for Season 6?

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