17. Growth Cycle: "Carp, Possum, Raccoon" - Guy Kelpin, trombone & bass


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A little seriousness and a short necessary rant at the beginning. The fun part of this episode begins at 6:07.

Guy Kelpin is an everyman in music. He has played in orchestras and horn lines for bands such as Bantum Rooster. He's been a composer. He's been a band director and private instructor. He's been a church choir director. He's been a properties manager and house manager, the latter an interim position he holds at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He has 2 different musical Master's Degrees. Oh yeah... he has played a ton of shows in the pit as both a trombonist and bassist (including the bass/tuba book for Chicago!)

Guy talks about his winding musical journey, and his thoughts on musicianship in general including the very unique analogy in the title of this episode that he explains.

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