Embracing each moment like Roger Federer: Christopher Clarey


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What lessons can we take from the approach, attitude and outlook of Roger Federer?

Helping me answer that question is Christopher Clarey – arguably the top tennis journalist in the world, who writes for the New York Times.

Chris has written a book called ‘the Master – the Brilliant career of Roger Federer’, which has rocketed to the top of the bestsellers list.

Federer is not playing at this year’s US Open because of knee surgery – and there are question marks as to whether we will ever see him on court at one of the major’s again. And while he may soon be overtaken by Novak Djokovic on the all-time Grand Slam winners list, you could still argue that no one has had such a big impact on the game as Roger Federer.

In this episode we talk about what anyone can learn from the Swiss maestro – and Chris shares many stories to illustrate Federer's lessons – including around treating people with empathy and authenticity, taking care of your own business, planning spontaneity and time to recharge - and choosing to let go of disappointment and resentment.

We also talk about what traits Federer took from his parents Robert and Lynette – and how they helped nurture his talent.

And crucially, how Roger has a rare ability to treat all moments somewhat equally. Whether it is playing on centre court or doing some of the less enjoyable parts of the job – Roger relishes it, and that is something we can certainly all learn from.


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