Embracing patience: Matt Little - Sir Andy Murray's coach


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The importance of building strong foundations and not striving to reach your goal too quickly.

Matt Little has coached Andy Murray for 15 years, and is the longest standing member of his entourage.

He is a man who knows the importance of values, and of building strong foundations - rather than rushing to achieve success in the shortest time possible.

It is about paying your dues and enjoying the journey - taking the time to smell the roses along the way - and not jumping steps in your quest to reach your goal.

His new book is called 'the way of the tortoise' - and it outlines Matt's life philosophy, which we discuss in this episode.

We also discuss the importance of learning soft skills, living your values - and why slow and steady often wins the race in the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation - it is full of useful nuggets and I hope you do too.


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