The healing power of hard conversations: Ed Jackson


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Why self-sacrificing and people-pleasing can be selfish, while looking after yourself can be selfless.

Ed Jackson suffered a devastating accident after diving into a shallow swimming pool and breaking his neck in 2017. He made a miraculous recovery despite being told he would never walk again. Ed first appeared on the show two years ago but this episode is very different. In this conversation we go deep exploring what Ed and his wife Lois have learned since his accident in 2017.

They learnt to embrace hard and honest comversations in the transitional period after Ed's accident - and have lessons to share on that that can benefit anyone.

We also discuss the importance of letting life happen and not being overly fixated on specific outcomes, and much more besides.

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NB. We will be changing the name of this podcast to Life Lessons: from sport and beyond ahead of next week's episode

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Ed's new book - A Sunday Times best-seller - is called 'Lucky', and is highly recommended

His podcast is called 'It's good to walk'

Their charity is called Millimetres 2 Mountains:

Our first DTMTS episode detailing Ed's accident and journey to recovery is here:

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