028 - Data at scale, with Jorge G贸mez Sancha (Co-founder of TinyBird)


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Data, data, data and data. Millions of companies are generating more and more data every day, while others are focused on treating it or storing it. And while, generally speaking, dealing with data at scale sounds like something slow and sluggish, TinyBird is here to change the rules of the game.
We hosted Jorge G贸mez Sancha, one of the co-founders of TinyBird, a platform providing blazingly-fast access to large amounts of data to help your company scale on this side of business.
This is a great conversation about the meat and potatoes of building such a technical platform. We talk about latency in business intelligence platforms, their tech-stack and how they decided the technologies and frameworks to use, deciding product features, storing and ingesting data at scale, taking decisions based on speed outcomes, going back to coding after many years without doing it, Rails/Python/Kafka/PostgreSQL/etc. and much more.
Join us on this long session of nerding out around all kinds of data between two CEOs highly nostalgic of their past times being developers.
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