029 - How to get into angel investing, with Liz Dunn Carroll


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Liz Dunn Carroll has spent big part of her life working in technology corporations and high-growth startups in Silicon Valley, like Technorati, Pandora or Verizon on the Product and Innovation areas.
Liz took up Angel investing a few years ago, and coming from a Product profile helped her to spot good deals among all the Silicon Valley bullshit (in her own words). In more than one occasion throughout her career, she's worked in products that were too early for the market, so this helped her to hone her skills as an angel investor and futurist.
We go over her endeavour as an angel investor, what kind of books she read to get into this world, what kind of events she attended, how she fought the gatekeeping in this industry, what kind of deals she does, what is an angel syndicate, what is the impostor syndrome, how to get dealflow and more.
There's a lot of opacity in the investing sector, so we did our best to share everything we know, and a lot of the things we don't know. In fact, we share a lot of things, because besides having had a parallel career in angel investing, both Liz and me, Àlex, like to speak a lot.
Also, during the conversation, we comment on this article and how VC is forcing us to reshape capitalism because it's breaking society: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/11/30/how-venture-capitalists-are-deforming-capitalism
For the full disclosure, this episode doesn't constitute investment advice and we strongly discourage you from listening to people like us if you want to be right in life.
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