030 - Dissecting TwilioQuest (product, tech & community), with Chiara Massironi and Kevin Whinnery


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Pixel art, dial-up modem sounds, 8-bit fantasy, RPG-like environments and tasks, retro music and HUGE loads of nostalgia. Does this sound appealing? This is what the folks at Twilio used to build their learning game TwilioQuest.
TwilioQuest is a platform to learn how to code in PHP, Python and JavaScript using a videogame interface and dynamics. It's one of the many ways Twilio likes to invest in the new generations of developers and to give back to the community.
We hosted two of their main people, Kevin Whinnery, its original creator and Lead Developer, and Chiara Massironi, in charge of Community and Developer Education, to discuss the whole product in a 360 examination: initial concept, pivoting, roadmap, techstack, features, marketing plan, community building, fuckups and much much more!
Join us for an exquisite blend of programming-nerdiness and generational dissection of references, habits and interesting demographics for marketing purposes.
Also, this is the episode in which Chiara and Àlex come out publicly as huge Pokémon fans, so it's definitely one to listen to!
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