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So many aspects of our lives rely on our brains’ health and proper functioning. For individuals who have been diagnosed with brain tumors at a young age, their cancer experiences have had lasting effects on them physically, as well as their views on life. On this episode of Life on Pause, our host and guest speakers speak on their experiences with this challenging diagnosis. Guests include young adults from the Penn State Hershey community, and this episode was recorded in collaboration with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Life on Pause is a podcast created by and for young adults living with cancer. Within this episode, listeners can hear brain cancer survivors who have had brain tumors share their experiences and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Listen to guests discuss experiences with cancer and brain tumors:

Guest Introductions (0:30)

This episode’s host speaks briefly on the topic of brain tumors and young adults and asks her seven guest speakers to introduce themselves. Each guest speaker provides their name and age, as well as a summary of their personal history with cancer and brain tumor symptoms.

Cancer Challenges (6:11)

The host introduces an additional guest and shares words that they wrote for their high school graduation relating to her personal battles and life challenges. Speakers then each discuss their own struggles that they have faced due to their brain tumor symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Moving Forward (20:08)

Navigating challenges can be complex, especially as a young person with cancer. Guests speak about their methods for navigating challenges since their brain tumor diagnosis. Additionally, they talk about the adventures they have allowed themselves to stretch into or ones they dream of experiencing despite challenges that exist.

Practicing Positivity (31:34)

Maintaining optimism can be difficult in times of personal struggles. In this section, guests explain how they practice being grateful and having positivity when dealing with brain tumors or other negative aspects of their lives.

Words of Wisdom (35:55)

As a final question, guests are asked what they would tell their past selves if they could go back in time. Speakers discuss what advice they would give themselves, based on how their views on life have evolved as a result of their brain cancer experiences.


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