Palliative Care


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The role of healthcare professionals is to support the health and comfort of patients through each phase of their treatment. This episode of Life on Pause discusses the sensitive topic of palliative care, and listeners are encouraged to use their best judgment and discretion.

Life on Pause is a podcast created by and for young adults living with cancer. Within this episode, host Brady Lucas is joined by Gina Klein, a social worker in palliative care at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Together, they speak about how caretakers in her profession support cancer patients' autonomy and quality of life through palliative care and advanced care planning.

Listen to Brady and Gina discuss palliative care:

Topic and Guest Introduction (0:30)

Our host Brady introduces listeners to this episode's topic: palliative care. He also introduces his guest Gina Klein, a social worker in palliative care at Penn State Hershey Med Center. Together Gina and Brady discuss the meaning of palliative care and the role of palliative care professionals.

The Role of a Palliative Care Worker (2:04)

Brady asks Gina to go into detail about what her job as a palliative care social worker entails. Gina talks about the duties of her role and informs listeners of what advanced care planning means within her profession. In this explanation, she introduces the legal procedures involved in palliative care work, including the "Five Wishes" document.

The Five Wishes (4:37)

The Five Wishes is an important document for cancer patients in palliative care. Gina and Brady discuss the document and how it addresses serious questions to help care providers ensure that patient's wishes are respected. Gina also shares her thoughts on the emotional and spiritual barriers that often occur while arranging end-of-life care.

Penn State Advanced Care Planning (10:04)

Gina shares with listeners how Penn State Health has progressed with their advanced care planning and how they are working to help individuals with advanced care plans in palliative care. She explains their advancement in supporting patients' autonomy and ensuring their wishes are respected and understood.

What Keeps You Going (14:35)

Working as a professional in the palliative care field can be difficult, however, Gina is dedicated to supporting her patients. She describes the emotions involved in her job and what keeps her going. Additionally, Gina provides her words of wisdom to younger individuals who need to create an advanced care plan and may feel hesitant or fearful about the process.

A Team Approach (20:27)

When patients are in palliative care, many individuals are often involved, including their personal loved ones and their medical support teams. Brady and Gina discuss the importance of each individual involved in a collaborative approach to supporting the patient's wishes.

Helpful Resources (24:14)

Penn State Health provides helpful resources to support individuals in palliative care, including advanced care plan techniques and information. In addition, Gina provides additional methods that people can take to access advanced care resources.

Advice on Palliative Care (25:50)

In conclusion to the episode, Gina shares her final advice on palliative care for the Live on Pause community.

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