The Teen vs Young Adult Cancer Experience


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This week the group discusses what parts of their lives were put on pause when they received their cancer diagnoses. From friendships, to college and careers, to the stepping stones of life, the group reflects on how they faced these rising obstacles and found a positive spin to life on pause. The group breaks down how they navigated having cancer as a part of their identities and how they dealt with the “hero” label and other inspirational identities that were pushed on them by the outside world. Afterwards, the group considers terms that they feel better define their battles and how they perceive cancer as part of their identities. Later, the group discusses what it was like being the focus of so many adults and experts, and the impact of spending so much extra time with their parents when receiving treatment. Finally, the group shares ways that their cancer diagnosis changed how they saw the world and what they wish the larger world knew about the cancer experience.

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