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You'll be smarter by the end of this episode, swear! Sitting down at the Life Over Brunch table today, from her home in Oregon, is Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Rachelle Indra. Rachelle brings to you the no nonsense "how it is" of it all with her motto, "Teaching you the shit they didn't teach in school". With her background in NLP, neuron lingustic programming and her hilarious sense of humor, she and I dove into the deep waters of the old phrase, "what you think you become". She teaches us that, that phrase is true and on a deeply scientific level, as she discusses the physical change in our neuro pathways when we consistently think a thought dove and over, it grows, and thoughts we fail to connect with, well our brains weed out. We also discuss the benefits of seeing help outside of our close circle and why finding a different path to get to the same goal, in time, gets you to a far better and more well fitting place. Rachelle will amaze you and likely have you thinking about thinking! To connect with Rachelle Indra and sign up for her upcoming webinar: "The Neuroscience Behind Why Setting Intentions Will Change Your Life" Instagram: @rachelleindra The link to sign up is in her bio

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