Ep 64 - Naheemah McMichaeux McCallop ~ Anti-Burnout Coach


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Welcome to the Wonder World of Naheemah! Episode 64 is bringing you a true woman of grace, an Anti-Burnout Coach helping women of color CEO's breakup with burnout and no longer compromise their wellbeing of peace, Naheemah McMichaeux-McCallop. Naheemah came to coaching due to the shift the pandemic made a lot of us embrace. Having already worked with female CEO's and being a CEO and director herself, she knew there was a shift necessary, even in herself. Coming back to, or discover for the first time, that selfcare has a deeper meaning than pampering, but is actually a lifestyle and when harnessed, women can grow rapidly and authentically, Naheemah dove in to be able to give more to other women. In this dive, she created her signature program 'The Divine Pause' which is A 5 week community group that is a temporary stop to rest, be still, lean in and connect up. And in her words it is "more than a one off event, it's soul care". We talked about the space in-between when the parts are broken open, just before you are able to figure out the next steps, how it is uncomfortable but necessary to grow. How Naheemah herself, a mother of two young children, finally declared that "my most urgent priorities are about me and nobody else". And we talked about her own experience in the corporate culture, and looking at a specific moment when prepping for an interview and how her hair can under scrutiny from a friend, bringing us to the topic of The Crown Act. This conversation will have you pause and tune in and start to rethink, not just of self, but of those around you. It is one to share with friends and family and maybe to listen to twice. If you'd like to contact Naheemah to set up a call or just follow and learn from you daily you can go to @storyinsideyou on instagram.

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