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"An episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus that is more on the modern and experimental side. Tune in for music by the Québec-based group L’abîme and their self-titled debut album, another debut album by the Berlin Mallet Group (founded by Taiko Saito) called Sogni D’oro, and Beyond, the duo album by Satoko Fujii & Taiko Saito. Plus two Argentinean projects via Ears & Eyes Records: the duo of Camila Nebbia and Axel Filip and the trio of Natalio Sued, Demian Cabaud and Portuguese drummer Luís Candeias. L’abîme - “L’abîme” & “Le culte III” Album: L’abîme Jonathan Turgeon (p), Hugo Blouin (b), Jean-Philippe Godbout (d), Alex Dodier (fl, saxes) and Gabriel Genest (ts, clarinets) Camila Nebbia & Axel Filip - “Intransigente”, “La luz de atrás” & “Ruinas” Album: Colibrí Rojo Camila Nebbia (ts, effects, composer) and Axel Filip (d, synth, composer) ------- Berlin Mallet Group - Komodo no komodo Album: Sogni D’oro Taiko Saito (marimba, comp, arr), David Friedman (vib), Julius Heise, Raphael Meinhart and Hauke Renken (marimba) ------- Satoko Fujii & Taiko Saito (Futari) - Molecular Album: Beyond Satoko Fujii (p, co-comp) and Taiko Saito (vib, co-comp) Satoko Fujii - “Ernesto” & “Expanding” Album: Hazuki Satoko Fujii (p) Natalio Sued, Demian Cabaud, Luís Candeias - Ángeles Album: Jardín de Estrellas Natalio Sued (ts, comp), Demian Cabaud (b) and Luís Candeias (d) 00:00 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 02:09 - L’abîme - L’abîme 09:08 - Le culte III - L’abîme 13:53 - Intransigente - Camila Nebbia, Axel Filip 16:33 - La luz de atrás - Camila Nebbia, Axel Filip 17:39 - Ruinas - Camila Nebbia, Axel Filip 20:32 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 24:31 - Komodo no komodo - Berlin Mallet Group 30:34 - Molecular - Satoko Fujii, Taiko Saito 36:11 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 39:28 - Ernesto - Satoko Fujii 46:03 - Expanding - Satoko Fujii 53:43 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 56:07 - Ángeles - Natalio Sued, Demian Cabaud, Luís Candeias 62:58 - Finish "

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