364: Linux Arm Wrestling


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The past, present and future of Linux on Arm. The major challenges still facing full Linux support, and why ServerReady might be a solution to unify Arm systems.

Plus we chat with the Manjaro team about recent changes.

0:00 Pre-Show
0:58 Intro
2:01 Terminal 2.0 in ChromeOS
4:41 Manjaro's Process Problems
13:49 Manjaro Sneak Peaks
15:41 Weekend Manjaro Journey
21:02 Housekeeping
22:09 ARM on Linux
24:01 The History of ARM
28:16 Single Board Computing Revolution
31:47 ARM Reaching into the Present
33:17 The Future of ARM
36:42 Not Everyone Loves ARM
43:01 Wants and What Ifs
48:30 App Pick: tuptime
49:48 App Pick: s-tui
50:21 Outro
51:36 Post-Show

Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Dalton Durst, Drew DeVore, Jeremy Soller, Marius Gripsgard, Neal Gompa, and Philip Muller.

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