Episode 447: Stuart Barrett, RM, Church Discipline, Active Latter-day Saints


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My friend Stuart Barrett (RM from Nebraska, age 26) bravely shared his experience being disfellowshipped in a Facebook post (see https://www.facebook.com/1344601875/posts/10225731849786709/) and returned to full Church activity. Stuart talks about why he is open about this chapter of his life, why he is a better person for going through the process, efforts to reduce shame and desire to give hope to others. If you want to go through the repentance process or help others, please listen to Stuart’s podcast. He is brave, honest, vulnerable and authentic. His story will help you. Also, if you are suicidal, Stuart has insights that will give you more hope and desire to stay. Thank you Stuart for being on the podcast. Respect. Your facebook post and doing the podcast helps 100s and 100s.

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