November 1988 Pop Culture: Axl, Ricki & A Guy From INXS Who Is Not Michael Hutchence


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What Now? Or should we be pronouncing it "What NOW"? An extraordinarily salty Christina fills the two-page spread by denigrating Jane Wiedlin's animal activism, casting doubt on Jason Gedrick's sincerity when speaking about his mental health issues, and saves her last bit of poison for Remote Control's Marisol, who was not even still ON Remote Control at the time! Watch It once again lets Neill half-ass a review (this time for the Sasha Mitchell vehicle Spike Of Bensonhurst) amid more considered critiques of Imagine, Memories Of Me, and more. Listen Up brings us reviews of Cruel Story Of Youth (not the movie), Joan Armatrading, and Kylie Minogue's undeniably derivative self-titled debut. One To Watch breaks its curse by profiling someone who is still an actual A-List star in our day: one Mr. Brad Pitt. And for our features, Christina settles for INXS...........guitarist Kirk Pengilly before sitting down for some unwarranted body talk with Hairspray's Ricki Lake. Join us to hear it all!

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