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We’re looking through a historical and modern lens of the same story in Maya Rodale’s Bad Boys and Wallflowers series, starting with “ The Wicked Wallflower” and “The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Wicked Arrangement!"
Emma and her besties need to find husbands before their finishing school reunion. While brainstorming, a fake engagement announcement was written as a joke… the alcohol made them do it!
The announcement mysteriously made it to the papers and Emma was affianced to Blake, Duke of Ashbrooke. Instead of denying it, he found sought her out and used the news to win over his aunt.
Blake attended his aunt’s Fortune Games (regency era version of the Hunger Games) and he took his betrothed to in order to win an inheritance. The inheritance would fund his Difference Engine machine.
One of the game players was one of the c-you-next-Tuesday characters we met. And, Emma’s mother turned out to be an schemer.
After multiple grand gestures, the scheme broke the faux-to-real engagement, so another announcement moment happened. Join the ladies as they discuss how the least likely to misbehave got into a wicked arrangement!
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