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It’s time to loosen up in Maya Rodale’s “Wallflower Gone Wild” and “The Bady Boy Billionaire’s Girl Gone Wild” novella!
Lady Olivia Archer locked eyes with a handsome stranger, only to be who her parents chose as her betrothed. Phinn, the Mad Baron, was not a prospect she wanted because of the rumors attached to him.
The Mad Baron apparently had a big heart and was very sweet towards Olivia. He took care of her through the scandalous situations that friends had created. He even became her unknown rescuer when it really mattered.
Although Olivia and Phinn’s friends had good intentions for their coupling, Olivia’s parents didn’t get the message that a couple meant only two people. Her parents meddling was over the top and sometimes "cringy." We wouldn’t want our own parents telling us Kama Sutra was not proper and we’re doing marriage wrong when we’ve always followed rules.
It takes a good person and partner to help us through ordeals and tell us to “make our own rules, Angel,” so we could grow. As long as communication continues to grow in a relationship, they could get through any mishap amongst the ton. Join the ladies as they discuss how the least likely to cause a scandal got wild!
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