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Our heart was ripped out in Maya Rodale’s “What a Wallflower Wants” and “The Bad Boy Billionaire’s What a Girl Wants” novella!
Prude Prudence was not a prude so much as being protective of herself and her compromising secret!
Another secret Pru kept was her intended marriage to someone who she knows she’ll be safe with and who won’t touch her. That plan was squashed and she found herself alone and walking to some village in Wiltshire.
Then along came a carriage with white horses. We meet Castleton who loves damsels in distress, but Pru was determined to walk. When she gets to the inn in town, heavy rains mean forced proximity.
Castleton turned out to be an understanding man with a good character. His experience helped Pru to heal a little at a time from the trauma she never told anyone or said out loud.
“Castleton,” aka John Roark, had his own secret and he was determined to fulfill his promises. He deceived Pru, but with the best intentions!
We all have our secrets. Sometimes it takes one person, a certain friend, or even a stranger to help us through something we want to heal and grow from. Join us as we discuss how the least likely to be caught in a compromising position found herself finding the special person who she was comfortable being in a compromising position with!
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Rape, sexual assault
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