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First things first, we (Laine, Meg, Toni, and Wendy) were wrong about our Bridgerton season one theories! Overall, Chris van Dusen and Shondaland did a great job portraying a historical romance book onto film through a modern lens. We got a shocking reveal at the end of the series, but there were many questions only the next season can answer. We definitely need to know who the hell Madame Delacroix/Genevieve/Sophie is and where “France” is to her. There’s an idea that Lady Araminta Gunningsworth already makes an appearance in season one and we hope some of the cast members are actually Smythe-Smiths. Who is taking over the Featherington estate? There are as many theories as there are flowers on their frock, but one of ours will introduce someone we are meant to fall in love with. One family we’re excited to meet, and probably fell in love with already, are the Sheffields. There has been casting speculation whether Kate and Edwina have been or are being casted. Whoever they are, the thought of finding a Kate hiding under a desk and her fighting with Anthony makes us think, “Make haste with season two.” Join us as we discuss our thoughts on Bridgerton season one and how to adapt our theories to season two!
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