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Wendy and Toni probably wouldn’t have been able to feel a pea under layers of mattresses hence they won’t pass the ultimate Princess/Duchess test. Hopefully, they would be able to feel a key for their freedom like in Eloisa James’s “The Duke is Mine.”
Sometimes, we’re put in situations that we can’t control or can’t politely escape from. Long before Olivia Lytton was born, she was bred to become a duchess and betrothed to the future Duke of Canterwick, Rupert. Her twin sister, Georgiana, was also put through duchess training just in case, and she was in the running to marry Tarquin aka Quin, Duke of Sconce. Strong-willed Olivia was not the ideal duchess, but she followed the plan and remained loyal even when Rupert decided he wanted to go to war before ever marrying. She even watched over Lucy, Rupert’s dog, when he was away and beyond. The ideal bride, Georgiana, was perfect for Quin, the opposite type of woman in contrast to his first, trollop of a wife. But a kiss on the rainy night that sparked a desire between Olivia and Quin only grew and jeopardized everything. Olivia had been fighting the urge, but Georgiana surprised her with mention her own desires. Then they receive news about Rupert’s heroism and feelings were questioned. We never know what goes through other people’s mind. Our insecurities can make us think the worst. It’s a good thing there are many ways to communicate and get answers. Join the ladies as they discuss how to not jump to conclusions!
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