Fairy Tales - The Ugly Duchess & Seduced by a Pirate - How to Transform Ourselves


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This week, Wendy and Toni reviewed transformations happening in “The Ugly Duchess” and the “Seduced by a Pirate” novella by Eloisa James!

Theodora and James have been friends since childhood, since his father, the duke, was entrusted with her care since her father’s passing. Then his father’s embezzling of Theodora aka Daisy’s dowry due to his bad investments led to his demand for James to marry Daisy. It was Daisy’s first season on the marriage mart and their ruse to make her interest jealous by flirting with James had him noticing her differently, and it was evident by his body’s reactions. They were caught in a compromising situation which led to marriage, but the passion between the two grew exponentially within the few days they were together. Society wondered how “the ugly Duchess” caught the handsome James, but he only saw a beautiful woman. His father, though, ruined everything with his ugly words and a truth of the betrothal which Daisy heard. Instead of running to the country, Daisy kicked both the duke and her husband out. Soon, Daisy started her transformation into the ducal head and fashionable woman that has everyone seek to grace their ballrooms. James drifted the seas and started his transformation to Jack the pirate then privateer. After seven years during James’ death ceremony, he showed up and they both find themselves changing again.
Sometimes, we change due to circumstances beyond our control. Sometimes, we change because we want to. Whatever the reasons, whatever the outcome, we transform into a stronger person. Join the ladies as they discuss how to transform ourselves!
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