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We would say “yes” to Marrying Winterborne! Who wouldn’t want to say “I do” to Lisa Kleypas’ Rhys?
Rhys Winterborne is amazing, full stop! We met the restless department store owner in Cold-Hearted Rake and we met the ultimatum making man in this book.
Our plant sister, Helen Ravenel didn’t want to let go of the Welshman and finally did something naughty. She restored her betrothal and got a smaller engagement ring to Rhys’ dismay. But she had to agree to Rhys’ answer of never losing her, Helen loses her innocence.
Then Helen finds more information about her true parentage. She didn’t expect Rhys hating the man who spasmed in his loins with her mother, and that she has a sibling.
Rhys was a smart business man, and he sometimes hires a private investigator. He finds out Helen met with his enemy and she went to a dodgy area to find her sibling. He gave Helen the chance to tell him her secrets but he didn’t get them. Helen never thought about blackmailing Rhys as her “father” wanted her to, or for Rhys being tied to her scandal. Luckily he had his investigator because he didn’t know the truth until she was waiting to train-ride away without a good-bye.
We sometimes share what or who we’re indifferent. Sometimes we don’t want to burden others so we don’t share our secrets. The only way to know if the person we love will accept us in spite of challenges is to share our burden to see if the issues could be overcome. Join us as we discuss how the right person will completely accept us, and tell us to “try it. Try to leave me, and see what happens!”
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