316: Baby Steps


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Synthesis. The Titan crew find themselves confronting one of their deepest fears which have only been accentuated by their recent experience with the Borg invasion, will they be able to over come and save the universe from extinction?

In this episode of Literary Treks host Matthew Rushing is joined by Bruce Gibson, who returns to the show to continue the 24th century novels with Synthesis. We discuss where the Titan is, AI, valid points the Sentries, pride and prejudice, unintended consequences, the Null, ratings and final thoughts.

In the news section Chris Jones joins Matthew to wrap up the Seven's Reckoning series with it's fourth and final issue. News Seven's Reckoning #4 (00:02:08)

Feature: Synthesis Welcome Back Bruce (00:13:51) Where the Titan Is (00:16:12) AI (00:16:59) Valid Points (00:25:25) The Sentries (00:27:11) Pride and Prejudice (00:36:27) Unintended Consequences (00:49:04) The Null (00:53:32) Ratings (00:58:28) Final Thoughts (01:00:58)

Hosts Matthew Rushing and C Bryan Jones

Guest Bruce Gibson

Production Matthew Rushing (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Greg Rozier (Associate Producer) Casey Pettitt (Associate Producer)

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