Bonus Ep 4: Fungal Druid Origins


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This is a backstory piece about the origins of Cyrus Sassafras's fungal powers and his neighbor Suzie Butterbean. The voice of Suzie Butterbean was played by Kim Metzger/@Metzgirl. Co-host of @servicedeskpod, Zelara/Rosi on @BeholdersEyePod, Alison on @LCPDnD.

The voice of Bullvine was played by Wesley Bryan. Henry on @thornvalecast.

The voice of the narrator was played by Lance Becker. Xanaphia on @d4Floor

Ad promo this time was for Microphones and Monsters @MicsAndMonsters

Little Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventure, using DnD 5E to tell our story. We'd love for you to join us on the adventure!





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