LFN #96 - Greater Reset II Day 3 - The Counter Economy


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The Greater Reset Activation: Day 3 – The Counter Economy Recorded LIVE May 25th 2021 from Buda, TX and Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

How can we hope to create a world without violence and coercion if our economic systems are built on debt and lies? The answer is to encourage individuals to opt out of the economic systems which hold us back. Tune in to hear a wide range of economic and financial solutions to help the average person break away from economic enslavement.

Day 3 speakers include….

Wisate Klinkusoom of Hanomy.com Brandon Smith of Alt Market John Bush of LiveFreeNow.Show Derrick Broze - The Conscious Resistance

The Pyramid of Power Season 1 Premiere - Pyramid of Power

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