LFN #86 - How to Opt Out of Immunity Passports and Improve Your Quality of Live While You're at It


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In this video John Bush breaks down the specter of the digital immunity certificate and shares three solutions you can utilize to opt out of the passport tyranny. And if avoiding that technocratic nightmare weren't motivation enough, you may just improve your life in the process. I'm telling you! More content like this here - http://livefreenow.show Do business with like minded people - http://agorist.market John the Freedom Cell Network here - http://freedomcells.org Join the Freedom Cell Global Telegram group here - https://t.me/FreedomCellDirectory Join the Freedom Cell Intentional Communities Telegram group here - https://t.me/FCICchat Don't miss the D3 Tech Summit April 24th and 25th - http://d3techsummit.com Check out the Greater Reset Activation II May 24th - 29th online and in person in Mexico and Austin, TX - http://thegreaterreset.org

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