Words Create Worlds (Monday Moments ep. 323)


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The words we speak, and those we hear, influence and directly shape the world in which we live. Words are powerful and last week in our nation’s capital we witnessed a clear example of this truth. Five people were killed, dozens injured and one of the most sacred spaces in our country was desecrated.

Rather than debate the cause of this tragedy, let’s take pause and heed wisdom from a political voice from our past.

Delivered more than five decades ago, Presidental candidate Robert Kennedy speaks to the profound divisions we were and are experiencing as a nation as well as the hope of how we still can heal together.

Today, we must extinguish the smug, self-righteous tone many pundits exude – and then we echo – about those with different beliefs than ours. We must acknowledge that the rhetoric has magnified divisiveness, increased hatred and does nothing to benefit any of us.

How do we even begin to do this? Well, this week, I encourage you to:

  1. Turn off the news.
  2. Take a break from social media.
  3. Be highly aware of the voice you are listening to and the words you are speaking.

The change we actually need will never be delivered by a politician. It’s not that easy and never was. It requires a softening of our biases, a changing of hearts and a desire to be love in a marketplace still starving for it.


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