Ep. 1: Bouncing Back from a COVID Layoff with Zain Khan: A Conversation About His Book


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In this first of a 4-part series, I speak to Zain Khan, the author of 'Bouncing Back from a COVID Layoff' which he describes as a practical guide on survival and starting over.
An estimated 12.2 crore (120+ million) people have lost their jobs and we are probably still counting. Given the desperate calls he received from family and friends for help, Zain, a recruitment specialist (who too lost his job) decided to turn adversity into ambition and position himself as an outplacement coach with this book.
In this episode, Zain explains to me how he breaks Bouncing Back down into 5 distinct parts, with anecdotal and practical advice. Zain's book is available on Amazon - 'Bouncing Back from a COVID Layoff - Practical advice for survival and restart in the times of the pandemic' - https://tinyurl.com/5tz8jcm4
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