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Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and best-selling author Amy J. Wilson weighs in on leading change with compassion, the importance of community, and diversity of thought. Learn more about her perspective as we discuss:

  • her experiences inside the Obama and Trump Administrations
  • Empathy for Change, her debut best-selling book
  • building 50 homes in 4 months after Hurricane Katrina
  • eliminating systems of oppression by reshaping culture

Guest Biography
Amy J. Wilson is a change leader, community builder, movement maker, and an empathy advocate. Her journey to sparking change started in AmeriCorps*NCCC, leading a project to rebuild 50 homes in four months in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. She was a chief architect of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Building a Culture of Innovation movement, which transformed the 100-year firm.
Amy later served for three years as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, where she created a shared language and led a movement for innovation and change in government. In her debut book, Empathy for Change, she hopes to inspire others to embrace kindness to enrich the world. In her free time, she enjoys baking pies, traveling internationally, and telling stories.
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