Accelerating Profits and Closing More Sales w/ Jeff Blackman


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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Two driving motivators of your business that you have to understand first.
  • How to ask the great questions.
  • Developing relationships with your customers.
  • How to negotiate and get the yes of your customers.
  • How speaking from experience is the distinguishing factor than your opinion.

“When trust is high, fear is low.” - Jeff Blackman

The law background of Jeff taught him how to ask the right questions to his clients. He always tries to push and challenges his clients in a positive way to think about something from a totally different perspective or alternative. And when he works with clients to grow their businesses as well as his, he never gives them one solution. He always offers multiple strategies.

“Business growth is not an easy process. It requires concerted effort. It requires persistence. And it requires the continual ability to persist when facing obstacles or challenges because they will be there guaranteed.” - Jeff Blackman

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