How to Grow and Monetize Your Influence On Social Media


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"Nobody will appreciate you until you become a somebody."

These are the words of Eric’s mentor Kaufman which turned his life around when he was about to give up on his career.

“Being on social media is no longer an advantage. Being on social media is to just even the playing field.”

Eric believes in the importance of being present online in building your business or widening your influence that the events happening around the world today which forced us to stay at home actually gave everybody an opportunity to create content not just consumers of the contents online.

“We influencers, we always make a joke, if you don't take a photo of the food you eat, you have not eaten. “

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Building your personal brand
  • How to create your social presence in this time of crisis
  • The principle of grabbing the attention of your audience
  • What is the best marketing strategy you can do in social media
  • How to be known, liked and respected on social media (KLR advantage)

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