How to Romance Your Customer w/ Don Williams


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Williams is a trainer and speaker on how to look at customers from the metaphor of romance.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • How to apply the concept of romance to sales
  • The “Wow System” which is surpassing your customers expectations
  • What companies need to do to secure customers affection
  • Tips on how to take advantage on being able to add value to your customers by elevating their status

“We all want to feel like we are Kings. Living in a city can be a little hustle and bustle. [We] ignore each other and we're just trying to get a service done and just go about our way, [so] to have that human touch is rare.” - Don Williams

Don talked about his personal experiences being a customer and how he gained different knowledge and perspective of taking care of customers. Among all the things he talked about is self-care, something that believe it or not is the initial thing you need to do to take care of others, of your customer.

He discussed the value of gratitude and perspective - two things that certainly get your customers all hooked up with your service.

“Knowledge without action is just trivia. Knowledge, plus implementation is power.” - Don Williams



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